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Working with Q-CAD is like an extension of our company. Projects are done on time and with great attention to detail. Your staff always finds ways to surprise me on how much attention is paid to detail no matter the project type. Thank you and everyone at Q-CAD for the great work.

CAD Manager/Associate
Chesapeake, VA

I have been using Q-CAD since 2006 to convert my clients’ .pdf and .tif architectural drawings into Autocad files. Q-CAD has made the process extremely easy through their on-line submittal process, their quick turn-around and their accurate work. They have never missed a promised deadline and their hard work on my behalf has allowed me to focus on my clients’ needs. I highly recommend them to anyone needing a solution to convert paper or other file types into Autocad and other related drawing files. They have been professional and accurate and have been a great, cost effective solution for my needs.

Casper Development Resources
La Mesa, CA

I would like to write this letter to thank you for all the hard work you have provided the Phoenix DOC over the last year. Your company has delivered a service that is always fast and accurate, not to mention your company is easy to do business with every time. I like knowing that when we send our email to you it is followed up with a confirming email that gives us the exact date we will receive our drawings back. Thanks for all the help over the last year and we look forward to doing business throughout the coming year.

Phoenix, AZ

Q-CAD Drafting Services: I have done business with Q-CAD for several years, and have never had a problem with the quality, timeliness, or accuracy of any of the projects that I have sent to them. The submission of drawings for conversion could not be easier, I simply send a copy of them with comments, and Q-CAD has never failed to deliver a quality product within the timeframe allowed. The methods of returning the CAD drawings allow me to select the format I need, reducing preparation time on my end. I am well satisfied with the products and will continue to utilize Q-CAD services as needed in the future. 

Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Des Moines, IA

Our firm has used Q-Cad services for well over 12 years. Consistent quality CAD services, quality control, and timely responses has made our Clients – and therefore us – very satisfied and continued customers. 

SBE and Associates, Inc.
Arlington, VA

I’ve worked with Qcad over the years and I would rank them as one of the most reliable companies in their field. No job submitted has either been too big or too small. Job requests are easy to submit, and are always complete in a timely fashion. Qcad’s depth of knowledge, as well as their accuracy, has been impressive to my company as well as my clients. Whenever I need a digital drawing I always use Qcad. 

Earl B Lovell & Belcher
New York City, NY

Edward Rowse Architects has used Q-CAD services since 1993 with great success. Before that, we tried outsourcing our digitizing needs to local print houses only to be let down by accuracy or layering issues. We are very happy to say that we have never experienced any issues while using any of Q-CAD’s services. As our business changes to meet new BIM Technology needs, we look forward to continuing this almost decade old relationship using Q-CAD’s Revit Modeling Technology. 

Edward Rowse Architects, Inc.
Providence, RI
Foxboro, MA

QCAD Drafting Services is a timely and accurate company and the people are very personable. It is very easy and convenient to request drafting services and in the many years of utilizing QCAD’s services, we have never had an issue with their work or turn-around time. 

Pica + Sullivan Architects
Los Angeles, CA

We have been using QCAD for several years. We typically need to convert hand drawn pdfs or tiffs to AutoCAD drawings and our clients are continually impressed with the quick response, accuracy, quality of work and cost that is provided by QCAD. QCAD has definitely boosted our productivity by providing quality conversions. We do and will continue to recommend QCAD to our clients. 

Spaulding Engineering and Construction
Waterville, ME