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Frequently Asked Questions

2D Drafting (AutoCAD or MicroStation)

Provide us with your drawings to be converted into CAD. You can upload your files using the Free Quote form at the top of our website or email them to We recommend sending TIF or PDF documents scanned at 200 dpi and also include the Q-CAD Order Form. Once we have received your project files, you will receive an email confirmation indicating the date on which you will receive your completed CAD files.

3D BIM Model (Revit)

To prepare a quote for your project, we need the following types of information for your building or structure. 

1.     Scanned TIF or PDF sheets

2.     Existing CAD 2D files

3.     Existing Revit background models, Revit templates, or Revit families

4.     Photos (exterior and/or interior are very useful)

5.     Project physical address (for our review using Google Earth)

6.     Completed Revit Checklist.  

Our 2D and 3D CAD drafting services convert all types of commercial and residential drawings: architectural, engineering, maps, construction documents, utility plans, etc. We will redraw everything on your sheet unless you have noted otherwise. Our default setup is: AIA Layering (American Institute of Architects); Roman S font, and stacked fraction dimensions. If you have your own in-house layering standards, fonts, dimension styles, provide this data for your project.

Your drawings are precision redrawn as 100% dimensionally accurate, full scale 1:1, layered CAD files. The CAD files will be completed within the turnaround time you have selected. We do not scan or use auto-vectorizing software. All of our CAD services are drafted manually, by-hand into CAD.

You select the turnaround time based on your project schedule requirements. Our turnaround options are: 1-business day, 3-business days, 5-business days, 10-business days, or 4-6 weeks. You can also specify that particular sheets be converted using different turnaround schedules. The price per sheet is based on the turnaround time selected.

Our 2D and 3D CAD drafting services offer a fixed price per sheet based on the turnaround time you have selected. The price is the same for any sheet content, density, or size: C-size (18 x 24), D-size (24 x 36); E-size (30 x 42) at 1/8″ or 1/4″ scale. We have size adjusted prices for A-size and B-size drawings.

Our 2D and 3D CAD drafting services develop Revit models only. To prepare a quote for your project, we need a copy of your project information such as TIF, PDF, DWG, Revit files for our review. Complete our Revit checklist and provide it with your project files. Our CAD Dept will prepare a quote with several pricing and turnaround options for your project.

Your source drawing sizes can range from 8.5 x 11 to an unlimited sheet size. For sheets greater than E-size (30″ x 42″), the cost per sheet is proportionally increased. For example, if your source document measures 36″ x 48″, the unit cost per sheet would be calculated as: Base Price ($130) x Oversized percentage (37%) = adjusted unit cost ($178.10 per sheet)

Yes, we will use your existing CAD background files, such as architectural, to overlay mechanical, electrical, or plumbing objects. Make sure you include all xrefs and fonts with your CAD background file. Please also indicate how you would like for Q-CAD to use your background file, such as: 1) overlay the new data onto the existing CAD background, 2) reference CAD background for layers, line styles, fonts only, 3) reference CAD background for dimensions. 

The “View Report” button will list all files associated with your existing CAD file.

1. Open your existing CAD background drawing in AutoCAD.
2. From the File Menu, choose eTransmit.

To meet your selected turnaround time, our 2D and 3D CAD drafting services do not provide “reviews” at different stages. Because we carefully review your project specifications, and call to clarify any questions before proceeding with your project, it is not necessary to provide in-progress reviews. After we begin, if we encounter dimensional conflicts or unclear information, we will create a RED “read-me” layer in the final CAD file for your review. 

Yes and No. You can move a turnaround schedule up, but not down. For example, you can change a 10-day turnaround to a 3-day turnaround. The new completion date is based on the date on which the schedule change is requested. The price will be adjusted based on the new turnaround option.
You are the owner of the CAD files. Q-CAD simply provides 2D and 3D CAD drafting services. We redraw your sheets exactly as shown. We keep backup copies of your CAD files in our archives. If you need replacement files, simply call and we will retrieve your files from our backups.
No, we do not provide design or engineering services. We offer 2D and 3D CAD drafting services only. However, we have architects and engineers on our staff that will monitor your project’s development and quality control.

Yes, our 2D and 3D CAD drafting services are setup using a “profile” for your company. Each time you submit a new project, we will refer to your profile related to layering standards, fonts, dimensions, etc. This will ensure consistency throughout your projects.

Yes, our CAD operators are organized by department type: architectural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, utilities, mapping, etc. We review your sheets and assign your project to the appropriate CAD department.

Yes, provide your redline markups or provide COLOR scans of the redline sheets. Markup your sheets as follows: RED ink = drawing changes; BLUE ink = notes to our CAD operators. 

In cases when your original documents contain insufficient information, additional sheets can be referenced (examples: dimensions) to develop a complete CAD file. Reference sheets are not redrawn and used for reference only.

Yes, we can create a new floorplan sheet using your electrical or mechanical sheets. Typically, we will need to know a grid dimension or overall building dimension. The remaining architectural background dimensions will be scaled during our drafting process. The electrical or mechanical information will be omitted from the final CAD floorplan.

Yes, we can redraw your sheet as a mirror image format. All objects, text, and dimensions will be reversed.