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Construction Docs (DGN)

Maximize Your Resources with Q-CAD and CAD Construction Docs (DGN) Ask us about MicroStation DGN 2D

MicroStation Versions Available: J, v8, v8XM, v8i

Get the Q-CAD advantage! At Q-CAD, our Construction Documents Paper to CAD Conversion Service gives busy architects and engineers added staff for the development of construction documents and as-builts. Simply contact our office on an as-needed basis to outsource your critical drafting projects. Our paper to CAD conversion services produce several types of sheets, including details, sections, elevations, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and structural. It’s easy with our two-step process:
Step 1: Provide your project files, including freehand or soft-line sketches, mock-ups, cut and paste sheets, design development sketches, architectural design sketches and tenant build-out drawings, to be redrafted as MicroStation conversion CAD files.
Step 2: Depending on your preference, submit redlines as hardcopy markups or in PDF format. You can also use Adobe Acrobat to add your markups the to PDF files, and then submit them to Q-CAD for updates.

Download our 2D MicroStation Construction Document Samples:

Construction Documents Samples: Architectural (100Kb)

Your Q-CAD Construction Documents for MicroStation 2D Include:

  • MicroStation (8, v8, v8XM, v8i) – Choose version
  • Full-scale 1:1
  • AIA layering – by layer (per the American Institute of Architects). Optional: LITE Layering Standards
  • CONDOCS: Provide fonts, text styles, dimension styles
  • CONDOCS: Provide titleblock, backgrounds (.dgn)
  • CONDOCS: Provide redline markup drawings of TEXT ONLY
  • Provide: Sheet mock-ups or sheet layouts
  • Provide: Cut and paste sheets
  • Provide: Design development sketches, soft-line designs, freehand sketches
  • For each sheet, you will receive the following file types: DGN file, PDF-color export, PDF-black export, .tbl plot style table, TIF 200 dpi scans of your original document

Q-CAD Makes it Easy to Send Us Your Project:

Option 1: Email your files and a Q-CAD Order Form:
Option 2: Upload your files:

MICROSTATION 2D: Construction Docs (DGN)

Size 4 to 6 Weeks 10 Days 5 Days 3 Days 1 Day
A-Size $60.00 $80.00 $100.00 $145.00 $275.00
B-Size $100.00 $140.00 $180.00 $270.00 $525.00
C-Size $185.00 $255.00 $330.00 $485.00 $955.00
D-Size $185.00 $255.00 $330.00 $485.00 $955.00
E-Size $185.00 $255.00 $330.00 $485.00 $955.00
Size Chart:
A = 9 x 12″ B = 12 x 18″ C = 18 x 24″ D = 24 x 36″ E = 30 x 42″
Turnaround = Business Days
Turnaround options are priced per source document to be drafted into CAD.

Find out more about Q-CAD and MicroStation Drafting:

Q-CAD Offers Payment Options for Microstation 2D Drafting:

Credit Card:
We accept credit card payments from Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Your credit card will be billed once the CAD drafting project has been completed. If you are ordering for the first time, you must provide us with a check or credit card for your first order. For active customers, a Net 30 billing account can be arranged.
Your check payment will be deposited when your construction drafting project has been completed. Check or credit card payments are required for first time customers. Make your check payable to Q-CAD Inc.
Purchase Order: We can supply you with a purchase order or project number for a Net 30 billing account on the condition that your Net 30 billing account is pre-approved by Q-CAD. To apply, download the Q-CAD Credit Application.
GSA Contract:
GSA Contract# GS-25F-0051L (Expires 09/29/2016)