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AutoCAD 2D and MicroStation 2D (Prices Per Sheet)

Q-CAD provides a fixed-rate per sheet for 2D CAD drafting services using the AIA Layering Standards. This fixed-rate pricing enables you to send us your project immediately and without the need for a quote.

We offer a Lite Layering 5% discount from the prices below for a simplified layering setup. This discount applies to the 1-day, 3-day, 5-day, 10-day turnarounds only. 

AIA Layering Standards

Lite Layering Standards

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2D – AutoCAD & MicroStationTurnaround Options
Basic Services (AIA Layering)4-6 weeks10 days5 days3 days1 day
A-Size (9 x 12)$50$60$70$90$155
B-Size (12 x 18)$70$90$110$150$275
C-Size (18 x 24)$140$185$235$340$655
D-Size (24 x 36)$140$185$235$340$655
E-Size (30 x 42)$140$185$235$340$655
Custom Services (Your Custom Layering)
A-Size (9 x 12)$60$80$90$110$200
B-Size (12 x 18)$90$115$130$170$320
C-Size (18 x 24)$165$210$255$360$700
D-Size (24 x 36)$165$210$255$360$700
E-Size (30 x 42)$165$210$255$360$700

Construction Documents Services (sketch; cut/paste)
A-Size (9 x 12)$70$90$110$155$285
B-Size (12 x 18)$110$150$190$280$535
C-Size (18 x 24)$195$265$340$495$965
D-Size (24 x 36)$195$265$340$495$965
E-Size (30 x 42)$195$265$340$495$965

Map Services
A-Size (9 x 12)$65$85$105$150$280
B-Size (12 x 18)$105$145$185$275$530
C-Size (18 x 24)$235$335$435$645$1270
D-Size (24 x 36)$235$335$435$645$1270
E-Size (30 x 42)$235$335$435$645$1270

3D Revit BIM Services Turnaround Options
Revit 3D (per sheet) 4-6 weeks 10 days 5 days 3 days 1 day
C-Size (18 x 24) $160 $210 $260 $365 $655
D-Size (24 x 36) $160 $210 $260 $365 $655
E-Size (30 x 42)
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Optional Add-Ons (Per sheet) 4-6 weeks 10 days 5 days 3 days 1 day
Reference Sheets AutoCAD/MicroStation $40 $40 $40 $40 $40
Combine or Edge-Match Sheets $40 $40 $40 $40 $40
Unclear or reduced originals $40 $40 $40 $40 $40
Redline Mark-ups $65 $65 $65 $90 $165
Topo Z-Coordinate (3-D) +25% +25% +25% +25% +25%
Polygon Layer (BOMA/IFMA/Institutional) +25% +25% +25% +25% +25%
Polygon Export MS Excel +10% +10% +10% +10% +10%
Plotting (Bond Paper + Shipping) $1.00/sf $1.00/sf $1.00/sf $1.00/sf $1.00/sf

Optional Add-Ons CAD Services Costs

Reference Sheets: (add $40/reference sheet)

In cases when the original documents submitted for conversion contain insufficient information, additional sheets can be referenced (examples: dimensions) to develop a complete CAD document. Reference sheet is not redrawn and used for reference only.

Unclear, Reduced, Cut-and-Paste Original Documents: (add $40/unlcear sheet)

Due to age, handling, and reproduction, original documents can become difficult to read. In such cases, typically the line work, text, drawing entities may be light in color or reduced in size. An extra fee is assessed to compensate for the additional time needed to properly interpret the data during the CAD conversion process.

Combine Sheets or Edge-Match into Single CAD File: (add $40/combined sheet)

Sheets of the same area or floor are combined or overlaid into a single document. Adjacent sheets are edge-matched to produce an overall composite plan.

Redline Markup Drawings (5-Day Turnaround = $65; 3-Days = $90; Overnight = $165):

Documents which have been redlined or contain mark-ups will be updated to reflect the final as-built or construction document drawings. Please add your markups to the CAD files originally created by Q-CAD.

  • RED Ink = Drawing changes to be incorporated
  • BLUE Ink = Drafting instructions to CAD operators

Topo Z-Coordinate (3-D): (add 25% + Base sheet cost)

Z-coordinate elevations are added to map contours to produce 3-dimensional views. The price is calculated as:
base sheet price x 25% = final topo w/elevations.

Polygon Layer(BOMA, IFMA, or Institutional Standards): (add 25% + Base sheet cost)

Polygon layer is added and drawn as closed polygons for areas such as rooms, map parcels, etc. Q-CAD uses BOMA(centerline) or Institutional (inside wall) standards. The price is calculated as the base sheet price x 25% = CAD file w/polygon.

Polygon Data Exported to MS Excel: (BOMA, IFMA, Institutional) +10%:

Polygon layer is first added and drawn as closed polygons for areas such as rooms, map parcels, etc. Polygon data is exported to MS Excel spreadsheet. The price is calculated as:
  • base sheet price x 10% = CAD file w/polygon excel export